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Kristin Miller - Director Studio Artemis

Since graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts - Fine Art Ceramic Design, Kristin’s passion and life pursuits have been a challenging dichotomy of opposing extremes. A passion to pursue a need to physically express her creativity has been an ongoing juxtaposition against a professional career within various areas of the corporate sector. Subsequently, Kristin has now sought that pinnacle, a collaboration of “mediums”. The fusion of her working life and art have happily combined with her rekindled soul and creative spirit working in the Early Childhood sector of schools within the Artists in Residence Program. Kristin teaches from her studio in Huntingdale and ran the Pottery Studio at the Camberwell Community Centre for 10 years prior to its closure at the end of 2015 due to the Art Studio being severely damaged in a freak car accident.

Previously employed as a qualified Certificate IV Workplace Assessor and Trainer has enabled Kristin to accumulate a wealth of experience within the training forum. This translates into her work with adults and children, where she is easily able to put participants at ease by creating a relaxed and encouraging environment, conducive to achieving successful outcomes and creative learning. Kristin is passionate about stimulating individual’s imaginations, challenging her participants to overcome the limitations of their medium, whilst enhancing self confidence and participation within a team and one on one environment. Her immense popularity with her students, both children and adults is testimony to her love of teaching and excellent communication skills, with the ability to engage and extend her students’ love and passion to learn and discover so much more.

An interest in continuous improvement and a keen curiosity for healing and learning was the catalyst for Kristin’s desire to undertake further studies to complete a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy. The attainment of this qualification has allowed Kristin to pursue and explore further, opportunities as a teacher and practitioner within the ceramic arts and art therapy paradigms.

Kristin has completed work as Artist in Residence at the Early Centres of St Catherine’s School, Toorak and St Peters- Mandeville Hall, Toorak where her sharing of ideas, skills and knowledge of her medium has been widely welcomed and received by both students and teachers alike.

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