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Art Therapy

All sessions temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 

New Clay Therapy Workshop commencing soon.

Thursday 14 July - 28 July 3 week Taster Introduction

Email: for more information

Art Therapy Overview

The language of visual art- colours, shapes, lines and images speaks to us in ways that words cannot. Art Therapy is a modality that uses the non verbal language of art for personal growth, insight and transformation and is a means of connecting what is inside us- our thoughts, feelings and perceptions- with outer life experiences. It is based on the belief that images can help us understand who we are and enhance life through self expression. (Cathy Malchiodi)

Studio Artemis Director, Kristin works with a number of Art Therapists within the studio space, providing individual, group and workshop sessions to unleash the creative spirit in those, seeking further exploration and admission of the creative energy which has often been locked or stifled within us all.

Art Therapy workshops and individual sessions are conducted at Studio Artemis on weekdays, weekends by appointment.

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