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Our Studio Whippets & Best Friends Honey, Dusty, Phoenix

Studio Director Kristin began rescuing Whippets 15 years ago and the studio now houses three of the most beautiful  whippets who love being patted & receiving snuggles & cuddles from clients that are canine inclined. 

The lounge area was set up for our clients to relax and chill but some cheeky whippets decided it was their domain & like to lounge on the sofas like couch potatoes when feeling so inclined. These dogs have all been rescued so they appreciate the love and luxury they receive since being rescued and rehomed by Kristin. Whippets are not outdoor dogs, they have an innate instinct to seek out snuggly sofas and cushions. Honey is the leader of the pack & is an Italian Greyhound Whippet cross. She will bark at you if you start patting her & decide to stop because you are busy working with clay.