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Unearth your local potter!

Australian potters and ceramic artists open their studios to the nation ...
Some of the world’s most
significant moments have included mud, from the biblical creation of Adam to that famous mind altering festival at Woodstock and although we find ourselves in an age of rapidly advancing technologies, this humble, sticky stuff, continues to inspire and obsess thousands of makers throughout the world who still call themselves ‘potters’.
This August, hundreds of potters and ceramic artists across Australia will open their studios to the public for a weekend of clay, creativity and community.
The event is hosted by The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA).

According to Shannon Garson, TACA President and an award winning full-time potter, the Australian Ceramics Open Studios is an exciting event that shines a spotlight on Australian ceramics and Australian artists whose primary medium is clay. 
“The open studios weekend is an important event for both clay workers and the community. It’s an event that fosters the development, appreciation and recognition of potters and pottery throughout Australia. Using handmade tableware unique to your region is a delight that many people do not experience in our global and industrialised world,”
she said.

Over 130 ceramics studios around the nation have registered for the Australian Ceramics Open Studios – from well-known exhibiting artists to lesser known skilled artisans, from inner city studios to regional pottery groups – so connect with your local studio trail and plan your weekend of mud.

Potters are renowned for their generosity and over the weekend many potters will also invite the community to involve themselves in some serious play in their studios, with many artists offering practical demonstrations and workshops in wheel-throwing, decoration, handbuilding and firing. There will be opportunities galore to take home a handmade piece, direct from the maker.

Participating studios are open on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August, from 10am to 4pm and entry to all studios is free.

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